Friday, November 25, 2011

An Announcement

Howdy, folks! I've recorded a message for you!

The Every World News WILL return.

In the mean time, here's my new podcast: Crucible of Realms. Feel free to check it out!

Announcement Download

Friday, February 25, 2011

What's Happening?!

I realize it's been a LONG while since the most recent official episode of the Every World News was posted and just wanted to let everyone know that despite the delay I am STILL working on Episode 003! The biggest delay has come from the fact that I started attending broadcasting school last year and the assignments have been piling up like crazy. Rest assured, though, that the third episode of EWN will see the light of day.

In the mean time, for anyone new to the podcast who's visiting, here are direct links to where you can grab the first couple of episodes.

Episode 001
Episode 002

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Not Going to Gencon Podcast

And now, some special content!

Some friends of mine and I sat down and commiserated with each other about the fact that none of us got to go to GenCon this year. Thus was the despair-filled and embittered Not-Going-to-GenCon podcast born! Come drink deeply of the Mead of Despair with us!!

Cast: Jim, Kim, Jason and Kent

Jason's Blog:
Kim's Audio Projects: and

02:00 GenCon Location & History
02:43 Tour de France
02:45 World Cup
02:48 NASCAR
02:57 Real Life
03:17 Venn Diagram
03:26 Cthulhu
03:38 Mad Scientists
03:55 Horrorscope
04:07 Black Helicopter
05:21 The Voice
05:23 Twitter
06:20 Old School D&D
06:56 Dragon*Con
07:42 Dungeons & Dragons
07:47 Ravenloft
07:52 Dark Sun
08:50 Wizards of the Coast
08:58 Steampunk
09:06 Activities for the Better Half
09:20 SPA Icon Controversy
09:28 Felicia Day
10:03 NASFiC
10:25 Emo
11:13 Anime
11:44 Anime Sweat Drop
11:57 Neon Genesis Evangelion
13:08 Cthulhiana Corner
13:23 Closet Nerd Games
13:29 Bible Battles TCG
13:36 Blessed Be Adventures
13:42 Blind Ferret Entertainment
13:54 Furries
14:34 Men of Dragon*Con
14:51 The Spanish Inquisition
15:55 The Encaffeinated ONE
17:09 All Just a Dream
17:11 Dallas
17:12 Newhart
17:38 comedy4cast
17:41 South By Southwest
18:11 Kantcon
18:23 Dragon*Cant
19:07 WorldCon
19:33 Chernobyl
20:12 Forgotten Realms
20:32 Mage: the Awakening
20:50 LARP
21:00 Atlantis
21:18 World of Darkness
21:19 Mage: the Ascension
21:40 Savage Worlds
21:46 Tiberius
21:55 Caligula
22:13 Codex Alera
22:36 Gypsy Caravan
23:26 Ninja
24:35 Hello Kitty
24:48 Experiments in Ontological Relativism
25:30 ComicBookGoddess.Com
25:31 Geek Pantheon and Your Moment of Kim
25:50 Jim – Yes, THAT Jim
25:59 The Great Debate! RPG Podcast
26:12 The Every World News Podcast
26:41 Secret Society for Delayed World Conquest

Not Going to GenCon - 2010 Download

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Update

Greetings, folks!

Just wanted to let you know Episode 003 is now being written! Worlds we'll be visiting will include Earth Prime, Pangea and others.

We don't have a guest editorial set for the episode so if you're a writer/podcaster type and would be interested in submitting one, drop me a line at!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

In Memoriam - Konji Harrison

Konji Harrison, a good friend and talented voice actor who performed four different roles in Episode 001 of the Every World News Podcast, passed away on Sunday, February 7th, 2010. I talk about Konji in this memorial and play clips and outtakes of the wonderful work he did for the podcast. He will be sorely missed!

Konji's Memorial Web Site

The pilot episode of Konji's podcast:
The Voices of Aaron Podcast

In Memoriam - Konji Harrison Download

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

002 - So Improbable as to Defy Description!

Just in the nick of time, it's the second episode of the Every World News! (FINALLY!!)

The Cast: Jim Ryan, Paul Miller, Reece Ambrose, Michi Howard, Ben Walker, David Selby, Brandy Johnson, Miss Katharina, Mark Livengood, Darin Kennedy, Dan Rabarts, Starla Huchton, Mark "The Encaffeinated ONE!" Kilfoil & David W. Brown

00:00 Intro
01:15 Promo - Luscious Leftovers
02:07 Lord Malevolent Declares He Will Rule the World
08:08 Giant Whirlpool Opens in the Atlantic
14:37 World's Premier Mutant Entertainer Passes Away
20:03 Promo - The WEIRD Show
21:06 Cyber-Dystopian Finance with Ann Johnson
24:13 Lycanthropic Basketball with "Patchwork" Joe Mundy
26:31 Travel Review of Mammoth Pass by Barrington Taylor
29:21 Promo - The Dreamer's Thread
30:21 Guest Editorial - Elder Vampire Lord Vladimir Popov III
36:10 Listener Feedback from the Future!

EWN Show 002 Download

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Promo # 1

Here's the first ever promo for the Every World News, including material from Episodes 1 & 2! Feel free to download and distribute it as you see fit! :)

Promo # 1 Download