Wednesday, August 19, 2009

001 - What's Mine Is Mine and What's Yours Is Mine

Welcome to the premiere of the Every World News!

The Cast: Jim Ryan, Konji Harrison, Ben Walker, Paul Miller, Michi Howard, David Selby, Darin Kennedy, Chelsea Love & David W. Brown

00:00 Intro
01:15 Promo - I Should Be Writing
02:24 Asavian Salt Pig Conflict
08:40 Goblin Miners' Union Strike
14:37 Illegal Clone Legislation
17:58 Promo - International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
18:58 Steamworld Finance w/ Col. George Hibbett
21:35 Triple Dragon Martial Arts Tournament w/ Tomo Karube
24:01 Skull Captains Review by Dina Sirius
26:10 Guest Editorial - Jacob Hunter w/ S.A.C.K.
28:25 Listener Feedback from the Future!

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  1. Awesome! Love that cool scientist in Act 3. He sounds really smart, and quite possibly dashing...